RandyAustin Publishing and Media started when founder, and Chief Writing Officer, Randy Otterbridge, would take his son Austin to midnight sojourns to purchase that got-to-have new book by Austin’s favorite author J.K. Rowling. Still excited by his midnight purchase, Austin would spend all the day reading the whole darn thing!


Intrigued that ANYBODY (and there were tons of sleepy-eyed parents just like him) would be that interested in buying a book (and probably reading the whole thing in less than 24 hours like Austin) Randy thought creating a publishing house would be an interesting way to keep his son reading and one day writing his own books.


Even though Austin has graduated from our midnight sojourns “I’m too old for that now, dad” he says, he still helps create graphics, artwork, and does some first reads of new material.


Randy, (now the reader, writer, and the publisher) writes to solve problems, pursue curiosities, and scratch his writer’s itch. He wants to help you do the same.


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